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Hello! My name is Michael E. Conner, and I am a Graphic Designer and Web Designer and Developer in Houston, Texas. This site is mainly to promote myself and my skillset for freelance and contract hire. As a graphic artist, I am a proficient in logo design and corporate branding using the Adobe Creative Suites. I specialize in Adobe Illustrator for vector art, and Adobe Photoshop for photo retouching, color correction and raster art. My web design abilities include javascript, css style sheets, SEO and google analyitics.

Expirenced Designer

I have been a professional graphic designer for 20 years, and designing web pages for over 10. I added SEO and web developing to my aresenal.

Mastery of the Creative Cloud

From 1993, through the Creative Suites, to the Creative Cloud, I am proficent in the stables of Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

Code Monkey

I am well versed in the latest web languages. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and it's pretty cousin JQuery are all friends of mine. Learning more every day.

Plays well with Others

I am a team player. Capable on my own, but comfortable working with others. PC or Mac, I'm able to keep up and get the job done.

Why Choose ME?

meconner.me | Freelancer

I am a seasoned graphic design freelancer and web designer available for your needs. I have my own tools and resources to get your projects up and running. I charge per hour and on a case-by-case basis.


In my years as a professional graphic designer, I have created all kinds of work, for all kinds of media. I've designed for print, web, apparel, and video. Have a look at a few of the things I've done.


My Web Skills

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