This site is mainly to promote myself and my skillset for freelance and contract hire. As a graphic artist, I am a proficient in logo design and corporate branding using the Adobe Creative Suites. I specialize in Adobe Illustrator for vector art, and Adobe Photoshop for photo retouching, color correction and raster art. My web design abilities include Javascript, CSSSEO [search engine optimization] and Google Analytics.

Expirenced Designer

I have been a professional graphic designer for 20 years, and designing web pages for over 10. I added SEO and web developing to my aresenal.

Creative Clouder

From 1993, through the Creative Suites, to the Creative Cloud, I am proficent in the stables of Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

Code Monkey

I am well versed in the latest web languages. HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript and it's cousin JQuery are all friends of mine. Learning more every day.

Plays well with Others

I am capable on my own, but a team player comfortable working with others. Whether I'm on a  Windows or  Mac PC I'm able to keep up and get the job done.

Why Choose ME?

I am a seasoned graphic designer and web designer available for your needs. I have my own tools and resources to get your projects up and running. I charge per hour and on a case-by-case basis.

My Web Skills

Web Design

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